What Is A Wide Angle Lens?

A wide-angle lens is also known as a short lens. A wide-angle lens is a focal length shorter than the standard lens, field of view wider than the standard lens, a focal length longer than the fisheye lens, field of view narrower than fisheye lens and wide-angle lens.

The modern wide-angle lens optical group mainly has a symmetrical structure and backward focus structure in two forms, a symmetrical wide-angle lens can be divided into the positive outer lens and negative outer lens two subtypes. The wide-angle lens has a short focal length, the advantages of a large field of view can be shot at a closer distance in a wide range of scenery, the foreground is more prominent, the depth of field is significantly wider than the standard lens, telephoto lens, the picture depth is strong. Suitable for indoor close-up shooting, and shooting mountains, rivers, buildings, crowds, and other scenes. The old wide-angle lens like the edge of the field has the defect of illumination decline, the new wide-angle lens most of the field illumination flat. When using a wide-angle lens close up, the foreground is exaggerated, which can produce more serious view angle distortion.

The role of a wide-angle lens

With a wide-angle lens to shoot the picture. Can highlight the central subject and foreground at the same time, can have a wide range of background. Can be in a narrower environment, to shoot more scenery, at the same shooting distance, the scene obtained than with a standard lens to shoot narrower. When shooting closer scenes, there will be view angle distortion, but also make the distance between the front and back of the scene increased.

In addition to photography, a wide-angle lens is also widely used in car recorder front view camera, car rearview camera, car surround-view camera, surveillance camera, smart home, video doorbell, video conference camera, drone, sports camera, etc.

Wide-angle lens classification

Wide angle lens types according to the angle: 110 degrees wide-angle lens, 120 degree wide angle camera lens, 130 degrees wide-angle lens, 140 degrees wide-angle lens, 150 degrees wide-angle lens, 160 degrees wide-angle lens, 170 degrees wide-angle lens according to the parameters classification: no distortion wide-angle lens, large-aperture wide-angle lens, F1.0 wide-angle lens, F1.2 wide-angle lens, F1.4 wide-angle lens, F1.6 wide-angle lens according to the interface Classification: M12 wide-angle lens, S mount wide-angle lens, M10 wide-angle lens, M9 wide-angle lens, M8 wide-angle lens, M7 wide-angle lens, M6 wide-angle lens, M5 wide-angle lens

Cautions for a wide-angle lens

Because of its long depth of field, it is easy to near and far scenes are clear, generally considered the focal length of 24 mm, 28 mm lens for the ordinary wide-angle lens, with their photography, such as with the flash lighting, pay attention to the flashlight angle must be wider than the lens field of view. Otherwise, the photo will appear dark at all four corners, when the application of the flash diffuser, but the effective light effect of the flash will be reduced.

Wide-angle lens basic performance is view angle range is large, can cover a wide range of scenery. The wide-angle lens in the camera viewing angle of 120 degrees or more, the basic surroundings are within the field of view.

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