What Should You Do if There is Water Mist in the Dash Camera Lens?

The vehicle traveling data recorder, if you have a lot of use in the cold winter is not only easy to be normal boot, but also can appear the condition of the vehicle traveling data recorder lens "fog", this kind of situation is generally not easy to handle, the serious influence our normal use, today I will have a look at the together to have the "fog" reason and solution!

Ⅰ. The reason for the "fogging" of the dash camera lens (fogging here is not necessarily water fog)

1. The sealing degree of the dash camera lens is not high enough. For a long time, the inside of the lens will be evenly coated with fine ash, which looks very opaque and is easier to mist.

2. The quality of the dash camera lens plate is not up to standard, and only a filter is changed, there will certainly be a feeling of whiteness.

3. The machine heat is too large, and the room temperature is relatively low, the heat will float, it is easy to fog.

4. Due to long-term use, the coating film on the dash camera lens of the traffic recorder is aging, and the situation similar to fogging occurs (this is relatively rare).

In the final analysis, it is closely related to the brand and quality of the tachograph. In summary, the fogging of the dash camera lens is mainly because the waterproof is not good enough. In addition, the air is humid, and the heat generated during operation leads to water fog.

Ⅱ. The solution of fog on the dash camera lens

First is to keep the machine dry, in winter, can let we have more vehicle traveling data recorder in the sun, if the fog has already occurred, only to wait for a long time, in the fog will soon disappear under normal temperature, at the same time recommend vehicle traveling data dash camera lens of choose and buy, try to avoid to choose some cheap recorder lens.

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