Mini Lens In Tesoooptical

Mini Lens In Tesoooptical

With the rapid growth of consumer electronics and mobile phone markets, the performance of mini lens has become more challenging compared to many years ago. However, manufacturing costs, packaging, and imaging quality of mini lens pose unique challenges to optical designers.

TeSoo has been providing the most sophisticated micro-optical component manufacturing services as well as the optical design and assembly of precision micro-imaging equipment for the scientific, commercial, medical and sensory technology markets. TeSoo is capable of meeting the most challenging specifications and tolerances. Our mini lens manufacturing capabilities ensure that our customers' products have a diameter of 3mm, a center thickness of 0.8mm, and a surface accuracy of 1/4λ.

All of our miniature lenses including surgical lenses are custom-made, please talk to our engineers about your own microsystem requirements and learn how we can help you.



Types Of Mini Lens

What Is Mini Lens?

What Is Mini Lens?

Mini lenses such as the M9 lens are tiny optical components that can manipulate electromagnetic waves (light) like traditional lenses, but they are thinner than a normal lens. Due to its small size, ease of large-scale manufacturing, high production cost-effectiveness, and the potential to revolutionize a variety of optical applications, this technology has excited developers in many industries. Compared to traditional lenses, the concept of a mini lens is a single thin and flat structure with multiple waveguides (looks like tiny pillars) arranged in a specific pattern. These pillars are also likened to antennas. They are nano-elements made of titanium dioxide (TiO2) with a length of about 600 nanometers (nm), which is shorter than the length of 10 hydrogen atoms placed side by side.

Mini Lens
M12 Lens
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Mini Lens Advantages

Mini Lens Advantages


The image quality is good, the relative aperture and the angle of view are increased; the lenses are all made of E48R plastic material, the production cost and weight are reduced, and the impact resistance is enhanced;


Optimizing the lens reduces the total length of the system, while increasing its back focal length, ensuring a good telecentric optical path performance and achieving higher resolution


Diffraction surface is added, various aberrations, especially chromatic aberrations have been better corrected;


The relative aperture and field angle increase, the lens needs to increase the edge illumination of the environment, which is greater than the edge illumination of the general wide-angle lens, and overcomes the shortcomings of the low edge illumination of the wide-angle lens.

What Is A Mini Lens Used For?



What Is A Mini Lens Used For?

The Mini Lens That Can Shoot In Time

The Mini Lens That Can Shoot In Time

Mobile phones with optical lenses are more and more popular among consumers because they can realize instant shooting and are easy to use. Due to the small size of the mobile phone, the optical lens module such as the M7 lens that needs to be installed in the mobile phone should also have a small size. And mini lens foe small devices is needed. While people are pursuing the miniaturization of optical lens modules for mobile phones, they also hope to have higher imaging quality for the objects they shoot, and the imaging quality of the objects depends largely on the pros and cons of the optical lens design.

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