Customized Lens In Tesoooptical

Customized Lens In Tesoooptical

TeSoo Optoelectronic provides customized service, from the initial design to the final product. Among our customized lenses, F theta lens, anti-reflective coating lens and fixed lens are especially popular products.

TeSoo F theta lenses are developed to possess the highest performance when applied in laser scanning and engraving. F theta lenses also play an important role in image transfer and material processing. As for our anti reflective coating lens, a lens treated with AR coatings, it is designed to reduce reflections. This AR coated lens really brings benefits to our everyday life. With the distracting reflections being eliminated, much clearer vision is available and driving at night becomes safer. Inappropriate surrounding lights tend to cause strain on the eye and make your eye fatigue, while our anti reflective coating lens can help solve this problem.

TeSoo also offers various other high quality lenses to better meet the needs of our customers. For any further information, please feel free to contact us. TeSoo is glad to assist you in selecting suitable lenses. Custom lenses and design lenses service are available.



Types Of Customized Lens

What Is Tesoo Customized Lens Service?

What Is Tesoo Customized Lens Service?

TeSoo Optoelectronic, as a professional manufacturer specializing in optical lens, provides customized lens and design lens service. With advanced equipment, supported by our experienced R&D team and reliable QC system, TeSoo customized lenses are of high quality and relatively competitive price.  


Being a custom lens manufacturer, TeSoo has the capability to machine all necessary tools, such as those for molding, polishing, and coating. This shortens the delivery time and the quality is under great control throughout the whole process.

As for customized projects by us, some are made for industries related to military and defense, while some are directly aimed at commercial markets. For more information about our customized lens and design lens service, please feel free to contact us.      

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How To Choose Tesoo Customized Lens

How To Choose Tesoo Customized Lens


Precision glass: this type of aspherical lens is suitable for large batch and occasions that require high quality and high thermal stability.  


Precision polish: with the characteristics of short sample preparation period and no need for mold, it is suitable for small batch and sample production.


Hybrid: suitable for wide spectrum, large batch, and high quality occasions.


Plastic: this type of aspherical lens is suitable for large batch, moderate quality and low thermal stability, with the advantages of low cost and light weight.

Features Of Customized Lens



Features Of Customized Lens

Customized Thermal Lens

Customized Thermal Lens

TeSoo customized thermal lens is a lens from thermo-optical materials. By changing the absorption coefficient of the thermo-optical material, the thermal lens can be adjusted. Light intensity may be influenced by external factors such as the decline in daylight intensity. From this perspective, our customized thermal lens is a kind of passive auto-tuning lens, the focal length of which can be adjusted automatically in accordance with external lights. As for thermal lens technique, based on direct measurement of the absorbed optical energy, its sensitivity is higher than that of conventional ones.    

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