Research Background, Application and Prospect of Wide-angle Lens

Camera lenses can be divided into standard lenses, wide-angle lenses and fisheye lenses according to the focal length and angle of view.

1. Research background of wide-angle lens

Specifically, a wide-angle lens is a photographic lens between a standard lens and a fish-eye lens. Its focal length is shorter than that of a standard lens, but longer than that of a fish-eye lens; in addition, because the shorter the focal length, the larger the angle of view, which is larger than that of the standard lens, but smaller than a fisheye lens. Usually we call a lens with an angle of view between 70 ° and 120 °, a focal length between 13-20 mm, and a depth of field between 20 cm and infinity as a wide-angle lens.

Since the wide-angle camera has a larger angle of view and a deeper depth of field, it can provide a wider field of view for electronic devices such as cameras.

In addition, recent advances in mobile electronic devices have greatly increased the demand for compact and lightweight cameras with wide-angle imaging capabilities. Additionally, such cameras are essential for next-generation mobile devices, including drones and flying robots, to avoid obstacles and track objects efficiently. However, conventional wide-field cameras require a large number of bulky lenses to focus a panoramic scene onto a flat image sensor to reduce optical aberrations caused by strong mismatches (bending) between the focal planes.

Traditional wide angle non-fisheye lens is often composed of multiple lenses. For example, a typical wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of about 120 ° requires between 8 and 12 lenses, which makes these lenses very bulky.

2. The application and prospect of wide-angle lens

Recent advances in mobile electronics technology have greatly increased the demand for small, lightweight cameras with wide-angle imaging capabilities. Such cameras, for example, are critical for next-generation mobile devices, including drones and flying robots. In addition, the miniaturized wide-angle lens can also be mounted on miniaturized devices such as smartphones.

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