About the Dash Camera Lens

Ⅰ. The material of the dash camera lens

The lens material is divided into glass (Glass, referred to as G) and resin (Pitch, referred to as P).

There are three types of lenses:

1. Resin plastic lens;

2. Resin plastic, glass hybrid lens;

3. All-glass lens.

Say two glass and two resin lenses.

Resin lenses are easily scratched, and high temperature exposure will deform and crack, affecting the quality and stability of the driving recorder! The glasses we wear are made of resin in order not to press the nose. However, it is irresponsible to use resin lenses for driving recorders in direct sunlight for a long time.

The light transmittance and sensitivity of the dash camera lens determine the ability to capture pictures in a dark environment. The glass has the best light transmittance and is the most sensitive. Therefore, the use of an all-glass lens is the best for shooting at night. Visual effects are also the best.

Ⅱ. Coating of dash camera lens

The material of the lens is glass or resin. Although it is transparent, it also has the function of blocking light. Each piece of glass blocks about 8% of light and about 10% of resin. Since each lens has two reflective surfaces, the more lenses in the dash cam lens, the more reflections and refractions the light will have after entering the lens.

Therefore, this phenomenon will cause two problems. One is that the light passing through the lens cannot reach 100% of the imaging medium, and the other is that the multiple reflections and refractions of the light in the lens will produce what we call flare or ghosting. In addition to helping the lens increase the light transmission rate and reduce glare, the lens coating can help the lens. Lenses with a single AR coating are usually blue-violet or red, and lenses with multiple AR coatings are light green or dark purple.

The current best coating technology can achieve 99.98% light transmission. Coating is also the biggest factor affecting the price of the dash cam lenses.

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