Optical Lens Industry Technology Trends

1, Optical lens industry development characteristics

In recent years, the optical lens industry has shown a series of development characteristics, mainly as follows.

(1) Technological innovation to accelerate industrial upgrading

At present, security video surveillance, car lens, machine vision, emerging consumer electronics, and other downstream applications in maintaining market growth, for optical imaging quality, practical application scenarios, and other comprehensive needs are also increasing, driving the optical lens industry products and technology innovation. As the optical lens will directly affect the quality of imaging and the effect of the implementation of the algorithm, the rapid changes in application needs continue to drive the innovation of optical lens products and technologies, which also put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive innovation capabilities of CCTV lens manufacturers, to keep pace with market dynamics, for different practical application scenarios for in-depth development, and the first time to provide customers with the right optical imaging Solutions and optical lens products manufacturers will gain a greater competitive advantage.

(2) Downstream applications are expanding

The optical lens is the core component of the optical imaging system, the imaging quality plays a key role. 20 century, the rapid development of optoelectronics technology, as an important information input port in the field of optoelectronics optical lens applications from the initial optical microscope, telescope, film cameras and other fields to the security video surveillance, digital cameras/video cameras, smartphones and other areas of penetration; in recent years, with the mobile In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, optical lens applications further enriched, machine vision, autonomous driving, smart home, video conferencing, sports DV, VR/AR devices, drones, 3D Sensing, computer vision and other popular applications are emerging, for the continued development of the optical lens industry has injected new momentum.

2, Optical lens industry technology level and trends

Optical lens downstream applications are wide, in different applications driven by demand, in recent years, the optical lens industry gradually presented a series of different technical characteristics: in the field of security video surveillance, ultra-high definition resolution, ultra-low illumination, high dynamic range image (HDR), day and night confocal, infrared thermal imaging, etc. gradually become the industry's technical hotspots; in the car camera lens, emerging consumer electronics field In the field of machine vision, in order to meet the needs of high-precision industrial manufacturing, optical lens manufacturers to provide mainstream solutions around the technical requirements of high-definition resolution, no distortion, large depth of field, large image plane, large aperture.

3, The favorable factors boosting the development of the optical lens industry

(1) a good policy environment to promote the continued development of the optical lens industry

As optical transmission, control, and bearing technology information optical basic products, the optical lens is an important part of the manufacture of various optical instruments, image display products, etc., downstream applications cover security video surveillance, automotive camera lens, emerging consumer electronics, machine vision, and many other strategic emerging industries. In recent years, China has introduced a series of industrial support policies in the optical lens and the above application areas, providing a good policy environment for the sustainable development of the optical lens industry.

(2) The improvement of domestic optical lens competitiveness

With the shift of the optical lens industry to China, China's optical lens manufacturers are playing an increasingly important role in the global market, with representative enterprises in the fields of smartphones, security video surveillance, car lenses, and a dominant position in security video surveillance and other fields.

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