Market Development of Vehicle Lens Modules

1. Market development of vehicle lens modules

China's auto industry started late, but driven by smart cars, the technology is gradually maturing. Senior automotive industry experts estimate that the in-vehicle module will be the time node for overtaking foreign countries in 2025.

A well-known person in the optical industry said that similar to the ubiquitous module factories in 2010, there are now automotive camera lens module factories everywhere, but they will eventually become concentrated.

According to statistics, the global vehicle camera module revenue scale is expected to increase from $ 12.84 billion in 2020 to $ 27.2 billion in 2025.

2. The process of domestic replacement of vehicle lens modules is accelerated

The in-vehicle camera is called the "glasses" of the car and is the basis for building the car's perception ability.

The main products of early car cameras are imaging rear-view cameras for parking assistance, with low requirements for pixels and miniaturization. Tier 1 manufacturers mainly use lower-end BGA packaging technology.

Therefore, due to the first-mover advantage, the automotive camera module market is still dominated by foreign Tier 1 manufacturers.

According to market statistics, the top five manufacturers in the market in 2020 are Magna, Panasonic, Valeo, Bosch and ZF, with market shares of 11%, 9%, 7%, 6% and 6% respectively.

It can be seen that the scattered pattern is an obvious feature of this market, which also means that everyone has the opportunity to impact the top camp. With the rise of China's smart car industry, the local customer base is more concentrated and the advantages of location services are prominent, which has accelerated the domestic replacement of in-vehicle modules.

Last year, China's vehicle lens module shipments reached 44 million. As car intelligence promotes the level of autonomous driving, professional camera lens manufacturers are expected to gradually increase their market share.

The intelligentization of automobiles has greatly driven the increase in the number of on-board cameras on bicycles. Market data shows that global vehicle camera module shipments will increase from 109 million in 2018 to 143 million in 2021.

Due to the steady increase in the penetration rate of ADAS, the penetration rate of high-value sensing front-view, surround-view and interior-view cameras is expected to grow rapidly.

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