We Are Committed to Becoming a Leader in the Optical Industry

1. Leading manufacturer of comprehensive optical components and camera lenses

TeSoo Optoelectronic is one of the leading professional optics wide angle lens suppliers located in China. Founded in 2009, it invested more than 5 million US dollars to set up R&D and manufacturing headquarters in Guangdong, and set up an optical glass accessories factory in Jiangxi.

Now it has become one of the major optical lens manufacturers, providing automotive lenses, CCTV lenses, M12 lenses, distortion-free lenses, machine vision lenses, fisheye lenses, etc. With more than 400 workers, advanced high-precision equipment, Tesoo strictly implements ISO9001 and ISO/IATF16949 quality management system standards, and produces more than 10 million lenses each year with high quality and competitive prices.

2. In-vehicle business: The shipment of camera lenses ranks first in the industry, and the market for modules is being developed

The growth rate of vehicle lens shipments was impressive, and the No. 1 position in the market was solid. Benefiting from the promotion of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing of car driving, the increase in ADAS penetration rate and the improvement of the level of automatic driving, the company's vehicle lens shipments maintained steady growth despite the negative impact of the new crown epidemic, the market ranked first. A stable position.

Car camera lens technology and product research and development are one of the best. Continuous breakthroughs have been made in vehicle and lens technology innovation and product research and development, and have reached the vehicle-level requirements and high-definition image quality, showing a trend of stronger players.

Vehicle lenses are the cornerstone of the perception layer of autonomous driving. Safety and reliability are important considerations for the certification of auto parts suppliers. Therefore, automotive lens manufacturers tend to choose to maintain long-term cooperation with certified lens manufacturers with technical strength. Through long-term technical accumulation in vehicle lens, we have established cooperative relations with traditional manufacturers.

The vehicle segment has a diverse product structure and obvious performance advantages. In terms of vehicle-mounted products, the main products currently include front-view, rear-view, surround-view, internal-view, infrared lenses and electronic rear-view mirrors and other vehicle-mounted lens products, as well as external-camera imaging surround-view camera modules, and front-view perception multi-eye/monocular modules. As well as in-cabin passenger monitoring modules and other in-vehicle camera module products, it basically covers the current vehicle lens configuration requirements of car manufacturers. In terms of product characteristics, vehicle-mounted products have strong competitive advantages in terms of waterproof performance, field of view and functional characteristics.

The car camera has the advantages of clear imaging and low cost, but the detection distance is short, the requirements for environmental advertising are high, and the recognition stability is not good. Therefore, car manufacturers tend to use multiple types of sensors to complement each other in terms of cost, ability to withstand harsh environments, detection distance, accuracy, recognition ability, and dark light environment to improve the overall performance of the perception layer.

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