CCTV Camera Records Our Contemporary Life

We all like watching TV and watching videos. We are the norm in this century, but you know what? Before TV and video came out, they were recorded through CCTV lens. In this issue, we CCTV lens manufacturers talk about the recorded history of China's television.

In 1958, New China's first TV series, “Eat Bakery Cake” was broadcast, which kicked off the realist traditional prelude to Chinese TV series. This year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The 25th Shanghai TV Festival TV market opened its doors at the Shanghai Exhibition Center yesterday. As one of the weathervanes of Chinese screens broadcasted every year, a series of TV series posters displayed in the TV market this year is transmitting a clear signal: aligning CCTV lenses with hot real-life and expressing the country with the people as the center of creation feelings.

CCTV Camera Focus On People'S Livelihood And Warm Empathy

After "Little Departure", Nengmeng Film's "Little Joy" poster caught the eye. As the second part of the "Little" series of "Creative Meng", "Xiao Huan Xi" inherited the thinking of "Little Departure" on educational issues, and showed the sadness and joy of three groups of college entrance examination families in a panoramic manner, and interpreted the Chinese-style family ethics story. The third part of the "Small" series, "Little Will", is expected to start this year. Xu Xiaoou, executive vice president of Lemon Meng Films, revealed that the drama continues the warm realism style, focusing on the "starting line struggle" in early education, conveying touch Anxiety, facing difficult life attitudes. He said that Mengmeng will continue to develop the "small" series, not only because education is a national topic, but also because "small" can "see big". It seems that ordinary daily life reflects the subtle and profound changes of the times.

In fact, the theme of realism is the creative direction of the Ningmeng Film Industry. In the short four years after its establishment, it has established a unique method of realism creation: closely related to the hotspots of society and people's livelihood and depicting real and textured Life, not whitewashing, avoiding difficulties and problems, using warm light to soothe people's hearts, guide upwards, and convey the mainstream value orientation of truth, goodness, and beauty. In addition, a series of works focusing on women's growth, including Twenty Doubts and Thirty Only, is also in the development plan

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