How to Distinguish the High-definition Lens of High-end Dash Camera Lens?

High-definition lenses affect high-definition cameras. In the past two years, there have been obvious product changes. The camera market has higher and higher requirements for lens functions and application capabilities. In addition, cameras have been leading the development of high-definition lenses, making megapixels There is still a lot of room for improvement in high-definition lenses. After the appearance of the Pengci Party, high-end driving recorders have become more and more sought after by car owners, hoping to have high-definition cameras.

1. Identification of HD dash camera lens

There are many types of high-end driving recorders on the market. How to identify high-end dash camera lenses?

For the camera, it can be equipped with an ordinary lens called megapixel, or it can be equipped with a 3-megapixel high-definition lens. In the case of the same camera, the final performance of the picture, the resolution of the driving recorder lens plays a decisive role.

There are not a few high-end dash cams with high-definition shooting on the market, and their prices vary widely. Due to the huge price difference between high-definition and ordinary dash camera lens, there are more and more lens definitions that confuse concepts in the market, making consumers confused.

2. Dash camera lens

At present, most high-end driving recorders use glass lenses, which are composed of multiple layers, and each layer has a different effect. higher than resin lenses.

Users pay attention to the high-definition system of high-end driving recorders, not only whether they can get a clear picture during the day, but also the monitoring performance at night. In HD systems, the IR function is generally forgotten. However, with the improvement of the photosensitive performance of the high-definition system and the all-weather driving shooting, IR has gradually been recognized by users. The corresponding auxiliary lighting (such as infrared night vision lights) will also directly affect high-definition shooting. Therefore, when choosing a high-definition dash camera lens, you must choose the most professional one!

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