How to Choose the Right Drone Camera Lens for Different Shots?

A drone camera lens is a crucial aspect when it comes to capturing stunning aerial photos and videos. Depending on your subject and shot, different lenses can be used to achieve the desired footage. To ensure you get the results you are after, the following guide outlines how to choose the right drone camera lens for different shots.

Narrow Field of View: Telephoto Lenses

When capturing zoomed-in footage, a drone camera lens with a narrower field of view is necessary. Generally, lenses with a focal length above 10mm are ideal and are referred to as 'telephoto' lenses. Telephoto lenses are perfect for distant shots and subtle details, such as small wildlife. They are also great for portraiture, as they focus on the whole subject without compromising image quality.

Wide Field of View: Wide-Angle Lenses

When you want to capture everything within the frame, a drone camera lens with a wide field of view is essential. Generally, lenses with a focal length of below 10mm are considered ‘wide-angle' lenses. Wide-angle lenses are perfect for capturing panoramas and scenes with a lot of detail. You will also get great results even when flying close to the subject, as wide-angle lenses capture more of the background.

Special Effects: Fish-Eye Lenses 

When you want to create dramatic special effects with your drone footage, you cannot go wrong with a fish-eye lens. Fish-eye lenses take a really wide-angle view and create a barrel distortion to the image, resulting in distorted landscapes and unique close-up shots. As long as the distortion of the fish-eye lens is used in the right context, it can result in some really stunning images.

In conclusion, the right drone camera lens will greatly depend on your shot. For detailed, zoomed-in footage, opt for a telephoto lens. For a wider field of view, use a wide-angle lens. And for a more creative approach, use a fish-eye lens. With the right drone camera lens, you can capture some really incredible and cinematic shots.

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