Basic Requirements of "Automotive Grade" for Car Camera Lenses

Car camera lens

Car camera lens is an important component of ADAS sensors, and the overall market is growing rapidly. When it comes to vehicle-mounted cameras, people's focus may be more on the current industry chain, such as the shortage of CMOS sensors and chip semiconductors. This article will introduce the hard requirements for "vehicle-grade" vehicle-mounted camera products of front-loading manufacturers.

In general, "vehicle-grade" is a synonym for quality, meaning strict product performance. This is because in various product applications, automotive products will encounter various extreme environments, such as the ultra-high temperature generated by sunlight in summer and the ultra-low temperature of tens of degrees below zero in northern winter, as well as the damage caused by rainy days and high-pressure car washing.

In addition, automotive safety involves the life safety of drivers and passengers. Therefore, "vehicle-grade" ensures that products can be used normally in these extreme environments.

Basic requirements for vehicle-grade car camera lenses

For car camera lens products, their basic vehicle-grade requirements generally include the following seven aspects:

These are just rough requirements. There will be more detailed requirements for different application environments. For example, panoramic cameras require super wide angles, at least 135°. It is reported that 210° have also been applied.

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