How to Distinguish and Choose the Dash Camera Lens is Good or Bad

The dash camera lens is good or bad to determine many aspects, because the hard indicators related to the lens are: aperture, glass, wide angle, aberration several aspects.

Ⅰ. How to distinguish between good and bad dash camera lens?

Generally speaking, in the choice of dash camera lens material, glass lens than resin lens is better, but now the online platform for their own recorder lens material is mostly labeled as "6G", the label means six layers of full glass, is a better lens material, so that newcomers can not judge to buy the recorder lens good or bad.

In order to improve the quality of wide-angle and imaging, the car recorder will generally use a multi-layer lens, but the downside is that multi-layer lens will make the loss of light up to 30% to 40%, and in order to improve light transmission, some high-end car recorder will also use a multi-layer transparency film advanced optical lens.

Jerry-built lens (only single-layer film), in the light will usually be found in a blue-violet or red, while the lens plated with a multi-layer transparency film is light green or dark purple.

For the selection of dash cam lenses, for newcomers is a very difficult thing, after all, the business will be their products will be very good. But do not worry too much, as long as you choose the right automotive camera lens manufacturers, the purchase of high-quality recorders generally will not be a problem.

Ⅱ. The choice of dash cam lenses

The lens is the eye of the recorder, a good lens directly determines the imaging good or bad. Most of the car recorders on the market today use three types of lenses: all-glass lens, resin lens and glass-resin hybrid lens. Then we should choose what kind of lens is good?

The light transmission and sensitivity of the lens determines its ability to capture images in a dark environment. Compared to other lens materials, glass has the best light transmission and is the most sensitive. Lens material is divided into glass (Glass abbreviated as G) and resin (Pitch abbreviated as P).

For example, 4G lens or 6G lens is 4 layers of full glass or 6 layers of full glass, 2G2P lens is two glass two tree lens. And the use of resin lenses, after half a month of exposure to the sun, the image quality of the shot will have an impact. And the use of all-glass made of lenses, there are also good results at night. And glass lenses are not easily deformed at high and low temperatures, with stronger adaptability and higher security. Therefore, all-glass lenses are better than resin lenses.

Generally speaking, the more layers of the lens, the better the optical performance. At present, the mainstream dash camera lens has gradually adopted four to six layers of lens structure.

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