Distribution of Vehicle Lenses

At present, the vehicle lenses on the car are mainly divided into five categories according to the installation position: front-view lens, surround-view lens, rear-view lens, side-view lens and built-in lens.

1. Front-view lens: It is mainly installed on the front windshield to realize the visual perception and recognition function of driving. According to the function, it can be divided into front-view main lens, front-view narrow-angle lens and front-view wide-angle lens.

2. Front-view main lens: This lens is used as the main lens in the ADAS system of L2. The field of view angle is generally 30°, 50°, 60°, 100°, 120°, the detection distance is generally 150-170m, and the output format of the lens is RCCB or RCCC.

3. Front-view wide-angle lens: The function of this automotive camera lens is mainly to identify objects at a relatively short distance. It is mainly used in scenes such as urban road conditions and low-speed driving. Its field of view is 120°-150°, and the detection distance is about 50m. After the follow-up 8MP lens is installed on a large scale, the lens will not be needed.

4. Front-view narrow-angle lens: The main function of this lens is to identify targets such as traffic lights and pedestrians. Generally, a narrow-angle lens is used, and a lens of about 30-40° can be selected. And the pixels of this lens are generally the same as those of the front-view main lens. This lens adopts a narrow angle, has higher pixel density and a longer detection distance, generally up to 250 m or even a longer detection distance.

After the 8MP lens is installed, the FOV of the front-view main lens can reach 120°, and this lens may not be needed. The detection distance is about 60m.

5. Surround view lens: mainly installed around the car body, generally use 4-8 lenses, which can be divided into forward fisheye lens/left fisheye lens/right fisheye lens/backward fisheye lens. It is used for the display of the panoramic lens view function, as well as the visual perception and target detection integrated with the parking function; the commonly used color matrix is RGGB, because there is a need for color reproduction.

6. Rear view lens: generally installed on the trunk, mainly to realize parking assistance. The field of view is between 120 - 140°, and the detection distance is about 50 m.

7. Side front-view lens: installed on the B-pillar or vehicle rear-view mirror, the field of view of the lens is generally 90°-100°, and the detection distance is about 80 m. The main function of this lens is to detect sideways vehicles and bike.

8. Side rear-view lens: generally installed at the front fender of the vehicle. The field of view of the lens is generally about 90°, and the detection distance is also about 80 m. It is mainly used for scenarios such as vehicle lane changes and merging into other roads. application.

Built-in lens: It is mainly used to monitor the status of the driver and realize functions such as fatigue reminder.

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