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From the analysis of the development characteristics of optical lenses in 2021, there are mainly two obvious changes: one is the upgrading and iteration of technology. For example, mobile phone lenses are advancing to high P, large aperture, and ultra-wide angle; the rise of glass-plastic lenses; the growth of the zoom lens market, etc. The second is the growth of applications in sub-sectors. In addition to the traditional mobile terminal, in-vehicle, security, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR have all become the battleground for lens merchants.

1. Improvement of automotive lens loading rate

According to big data statistics, the global automotive lens shipments will increase by 28% year-on-year to 320 million in 2020, and will exceed 400 million in 2021.

Compared with other industries, automotive camera lens manufacturers have higher requirements on product accuracy. From R&D, moulding to moulding glass, it is a test of the core manufacturing capability of production.

According to statistics, the number of cameras installed by new energy vehicle companies has increased significantly.

The development of ADAS directly promotes the increase in the demand for the number of automotive lenses. With the continuous improvement of the level of autonomous driving, the number of in-vehicle cameras is also showing a trend of doubling.

2. The stocking tide of security lenses

With the government's increasing efforts to lay the "Skynet" system and the continuous penetration of home cameras, the market demand in the field of security lenses will continue to increase.

In the future, technological innovation and the control of market segments will still determine the competitive advantage of the industry, and the security lens market will also maintain a synchronized trend. The development of new technologies such as 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things has pushed security into a new technology application track, bringing a series of new innovative applications, which will also bring favorable market development to the development of the security surveillance lens industry.

However, the reason for the market is that, affected by the shortage of chips, customers are worried that there will be price increases and shortages, and there is a wave of stockpiling. The slowdown in demand in the second half of the year was also due to the consumption of inventories that had been hoarded in the first half of the year for fear of rising prices and shortages.

3. Machine vision lens

As a branch of artificial intelligence development, machine vision can improve manufacturing productivity and intelligent automation.

As an important part of machine vision system, optical lens such as panorama optical lens 25mm, plays a key role in image quality. For example, if the optical lens of machine vision fails to achieve high resolution, high contrast and aberration, it will affect the imaging quality of machine vision, making it difficult for machine vision to simulate human visual functions through computers.

Therefore, the maturity of the machine vision industry will stimulate the demand for industrialized and automated machine vision lenses.

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