Automatic Driving Application of Car Camera Lens

Front camera lens: ADAS functionality and improved viisibility

The car camera lenses used for detecting the outside environment are generally distributed in the front, rear, and sides of the car, with an external quantity ranging from 4 to 8. Their main purpose is to provide information about the environment surrounding the car to the driver, and to some extent, assist with driving functions, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and pedestrian and vehicle collision warning.

The front car camera lenses are generally installed behind the windshield, with a quantity ranging from 1 to 3, and their configuration provides wider and deeper perception capabilities, as well as high dynamic range.

360° panoramic view system + chassis perspective imaging system: Safeguarding autonomous parking safety

The 360° panoramic view system generally consists of 4-6 high dynamic range, high-resolution car camera lenses distributed in the front, rear, and sides of the car. The system collects the image information from the surrounding car camera lenses to form an aerial view, which is projected onto the center console, providing full 360° coverage of the car's environment.

In the trend toward intelligent cars, the 360° panoramic view system has become an important foundation for autonomous parking and one-click vehicle start-up functions, usually requiring collaboration with millimeter-wave radar to achieve more accurate road and obstacle detection.

In addition to the 360° panoramic view system, some automakers have proposed an upgraded "chassis perspective" imaging system to achieve higher parking safety factor. The system projects real-time imaging information from the front and underneath the car onto the central touchscreen, presenting a clear 180° virtual view. Currently, the chassis perspective imaging system is mostly applied in SUV models, while other types of cars are gradually catching up.

The combination of a car camera lens 360° panoramic view system and a 180° chassis perspective imaging system further eliminates driving blind spots and avoids risks in autonomous parking functionality. For example, the 540° full-view intelligent imaging system equipped in the Geely Lynk 06, released in early 2021, is based on the 360° panoramic view system, with an added 180° chassis perspective imaging system.

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